Meeting with guests at the redhotblue office in Mackay, Monte Huebsch, the CEO of AussieWeb discussed website performance and digital marketing. Redevents held the seminar due to a demand for expert-advice in digital marketing. Mackay might be a regional town but we do have access to the internet.

Redevents, a division of redhotblue, continues to lead the way in Mackay's digital marketing scene. We know that whether you are a small business or a large mining company, your business needs its website not to just sit in the background but be number one on the search page. Why? Because 91% of Google users do not click past the first page of results! When your customers type the name of your business name or a closely related search term, you want your name at the top of that list, not your competitors.

How do you do this? Mr Huebsch says there are three options: organic search, paid advertising and Google plus local.

  • Organic search, for those of us that are less tech-speak and more english, means putting your website at number one on Google, with out paying for the privilege.
  • Paid advertising, is paying Google or an agent, for the right to appear on a nominated page.
  • Google Plus Local is the social media platform for business. Because of its close ties with Google, Google prioritises all companies that register their business with a Google Plus Local page.
Registering your business with Google Plus Local might be the easiest thing you can do to improve your search engine optimisation strategy. Some other key tips our Google Guru shared included ensuring your website is mobile friendly and naming your videos and images with keywords to improve your websites ranking.

Feedback from the attendants was positive including: understanding "the importance of Google + "and why everything should be mobile-friendly. 

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